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IDC - Israel Diamond Center

Avi Tvisal - Owner

About IDC - Israel Diamond Center
IDC is a family company for diamond and jewelry trading. The owner Avi Tabisel, his wife Emma, ??son Daniel and daughter Yael are the driving force behind IDC. Avi Tavisel is a 2nd generation jeweler, with his children following his footsteps.

IDC –Israel Diamond Center – has one of the largest showrooms in Israel diamonds and luxury jewelry. IDC's showroom contains a wide selection of jewelry, engagement rings, eternity rings, tennis bracelets, a selection of stud earrings, hanging earrings, and much more.

IDC specializes in luxury jewelry made with quality materials such as 18K gold, natural diamonds, and precious gems. A jewelry production and design department operates in the showroom, producing any imaginable piece of jewelry. Designing and setting diamonds and gemstones per your request. Fitting a ring to a finger, shortening chains and more, are done immediately and on the spot.

IDC is a one-stop shop where you can buy diamonds from a trusted Israeli diamond exchange member s
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